Words for the Week: I Love Your Hands

Marisha pessl (1)

I love your hands.

Every Thursday I went for a walk with one of my best friends.

One day I commented on how I disliked my hands. I thought my finger were pudgy and my nails squatty.

My friend quickly responded, “No, I love your hands. They’re strong, but lovely, and so good at so many things.”

With those words she taught me to not only love my hands but my life not for what meets the eye but for what gives meaning to life.

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Why I’m Using Social Media Differently After Looking at my Aunt’s Scrapbooks

How I'm Using Social Media Better

I want my posting-on-facebook-and-instagram hobby to leave priceless treasures.  I’ve decided that I want it to be more than a mindless escape of life’s monotony and a self-serving image of me.  If that’s you, you’re invited to join me in the following: Lessons I Learned from my Aunt’s Scrapbook and How I’m Choosing to Use Social Media Differently…

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Why You Should Like Yourself

Why You Should Like Yourself

Have you ever felt like a little girl at a birthday party watching all her friends carefully swing at the pinata desperately waiting for your turn?

Every time another girl wraps her fingers around the stick she memorizes where the pinata is and rehearses her swing.

What seems like five minutes later she makes her first swing and hits the pinata…no candy.

Finally it’s your turn.  You grasp the stick in your hand and start swinging.  You swing and and swing and swing.  Your breathing is heavy.  Finally you hit something and a loud shout erupts.

Tearing off your bandana you drop to one knee with the stick beside you reaching out for candy, but in the midst of scattered candy you see your best friend crying.

In all your aimless flailing you did hit the pinata, but at a high cost.  

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