Taking Responsibility without taking it Personally

personally responsbility

All too often us super-responsible people take responsibility for others, because we feel responsible for everything.  But, living responsibly means owning your life and decisions in such a way that you can let your friend own theirs.  Being truly self-less means knowing who you are so well that you can live without identifying yourself as the problem or the solution.

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On Sisters, Goals, and Talking about Guys

how to talk about guys

Every New Years my family takes time to write new goals and discuss them because when goals are talked about, we think about them more and as a result they are more likely to become reality.  It works the same way in talking about our crushes.  We have a couple thoughts about a cute guy and how he makes us laugh, then we tell our best friend and before we know it, we’re obsessing over him and dying for him to ask us out.  As fast as that, we’re star-struck – I know, because I’m a girl!  

And, that’s why my sisters and I decided that we weren’t going to talk about our crushes.

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How to Live a Life that Doesn’t Disappoint

how to live a life that doesn't disappoint

Recently, I’ve been thinking, how do I continue living in such a way that when I’m 26 I’m not disappointed with my life even if it doesn’t look how my 23 year-old-self thought it would?

And that’s when it hit me – the four things that guided my decisions and protected me from living a life of disappointment: choose a destination, consider all options, recieve counsel, and choose your decision.

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