The Truth about Feeling Too Much but Never Enough

too much but never enough

Have you ever felt like you were too much?…Too excited?  Too emotional?  Too introverted?  Too extraverted?  Asked too many questions?  Needed too much help and encouragement?…

How about, not being enough?…Not a good enough education?  Not good enough to love?  Not smart enough to offer advice?  Not experienced enough to participate?  Not brave enough to try?

If that’s you, I have a story for you…

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A Lesson in Self Discovery {How to be the You God made You to Be}

How I Discovered Myself

Dear Girl, remember, who you are – your passions and personality are meant for more than just you!  You being the you God created is as important as the earth shining is to our ecosystem.  So know the truth about who you are, remove the clouds shadowing your passion and personality, and dare to make your dreams a reality.  In the end, you discover you, by uncovering you and gathering the courage to be you.

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