What a Butterfly Taught me About Dreaming

Dear Self,

As I watched a butterfly emerge from an ugly cramped cocoon last week I realized that sometimes pain accompanies dreams as they come true – and it’s OKAY.

I knew that before the butterfly stretched forth its wings it was a chubby caterpillar. After eating day and night it became encased in a tight leaf-like sleeping bag. But it broke free days later only to find the battle was had just begun.

With wings as rumpled as clothes from my brothers floor it was in no condition to fly. So it hung upside down.

I can only imagine that as the blood poured into the butterfly’s wings it felt like a thousand needles like when I stand up after my leg falls asleep.

None of this could be called comfortable and I’m sure drags on for what seems an eternity. But it is in the fighting and enduring that the butterfly becomes strong enough to dance from flower to flower. Even as it emerges from its sleeping bag with the wings of its dreams there is still pain and more waiting until finally, when the dream seems only a mirage the butterfly takes flight.

When the dream seems only a mirage
the butterfly finally takes flight.

So, if you’re dreaming and disappointed by the tears and time that seem to drag on, don’t give up.  Instead, be as bold and brave as a butterfly who dares to dream and defy reality until the dream comes true.



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