GIVEAWAY: Why Celebrating is a Choice You Cannot Afford to Neglect

Dear Self,

Celebrating is a choice.  It doesn’t alway require streamers and hamburgers.  It’s simply a choice to get out of the trenches and rejoice over your progress.  Celebrating allows you to avoid burnout, see how far you have come, and energize yourself to continue.  Celebrating is a choice that you cannot afford to neglect.  

Celebrating is a choice.

Dangers of Staying in the Trenches
When you’re fighting a battle you don’t stay in the trenches the whole time.  How could you?  How would you know where to aim?  How would you know if you’ve gained ground or need to get out and charge?  Sure, you might not be getting hit in the trenches but you’re not getting very far either.  The sound of exploding grenades and whizzing bullets paralyzes you from pursuing what matters most.

If you don’t celebrate it’s like staying in the trenches.  You are focused on tasks and go from task, to task, to task.  Often you become overwhelmed with problems and setbacks.  Most importantly, when you forget to celebrate you forget why you’re doing what you’re doing.  Without your why, your passion begins to fade.  When your passion fades so does your perseverance.  When your perseverance fades…well let’s just say you better celebrate, or else!

When you forget to celebrate you forget your why.

Identify Things Worth Celebrating
One thing that hangs up for you is that there are designated days to celebrate birthdays and holidays, but somehow it’s easy to glide over little victories or accomplishments in your life or the lives of others.  Your life is fast paced so the solution is to identify things worth celebrating.

Thankfully, it’s as simply setting goals with a deadline.  When you hit your goal by the deadline, you’ve already established it as something worth celebrating so set aside the time you would spend on that project the following day to celebrating; or, simply schedule an hour every week for celebrating.  

Strategies for Celebrating in Everyday Life
The second thing that hangs you up is that you have this idea that celebrating has to be some big fantastical affair with a feast, friends, and fun.  It can be, but it can be super simple, too.  Here are some ideas that are easy to work into a busy schedule:

  • Be thankful
  • Laugh when something strikes you as amusing
  • Smile when something goes well
  • Give something away
  • Have coffee with a friend
  • Make a list of everything you have accomplished in the last six months
  • Read a book
  • Tell a friend about a success

Don’t stay in the trenches.  Even if it means you have to schedule a weekly event to hold you accountable, make sure it happens.  Get out, look around.  See how far you have come and why what you’re doing makes a difference.  The message you have is too important to the world for you work so hard that you lose your passion.  Celebrating is a choice that you cannot afford to skip.



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P.S. Today I’m celebrating being a four month old published author and presenting my first “His Girl” speech outside of the conference by giving away a signed copy of Such A Time.  Tell me your favorite way to celebrate a victory in your life to be entered to win.  I’ll select a winner on Monday!

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  1. So I love celebrating with my family and Close friends. I love the way they make me feel so special. I don’t know what I would do without them. 💖💖

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