To be Good at Living You Must be a Good Guest

Dear Self,

I was in a hurry to leave for work.  With a purse on my shoulder and fancy shoes shouting my hurried pace i jerked the fridge open.  Flinging a bag of lettuce and a can of tuna on the counter I frantically searched for a can-opener.  Finally I started jamming a lettuce tuna wrap in my mouth careful not to smear my perfectly painted red lips – my signature feature.

As I bent to grab my purse that had fallen during my sophisticated scavenge through the kitchen for a five-minute meal my eye were captured on the neat but empty kitchenette.  As if in a daze I dragged my purse to the bench and we ended the table’s loneliness – my purse and I.

I’m not sure what I thought would happen.  The table and chairs would thank me for being their friend or a bright light from the ceiling would burst around me showering me in pixie dust…but that’s not what happened.

Instead my pulse slowed.  My muscles sighed.  I could feel mayonnaise and tuna juice dripping down my arm.  I heard my siblings laughing on the swings outside and the reassuring hum of my mother’s voice as she taught math.  I saw colors of scattered toys and well hung paintings.  I felt like I was living.

As I observed the obvious that I so often rushed by I felt alive.

Sitting there transfixed by the reality of life and mesmerized by the silent stillness of my soul I observed the obvious that I so often rushed by.  My soul ached.  There had to be more than slinging a purse onto my shoulder, arriving at work on time, and not leaving a red lip stain on my coffee cup.

Erasing the white streak down my arm with a napkin I sat back.  “If only everything I did had purpose,” I lamented.  And that’s when I remembered the words from my devotion that morning:

Whatever you do, whether you eat or drink, do it all for the glory of God…Do not cause anyone to stumble…Follow my example as I follow Christ. (1 Cor 10:31)

“How do I do it all for the glory of God?” I asked myself staring out the window.  “I mean, eat for His glory, seriously?”

But that’s just it.  Doing everything for the glory of God, is my purpose – it is the purpose that gives meaning to life.  It’s as if I’m a guest in this earth, responsible for enjoying and savoring and capturing every moment, not wasting a second; dared to be fully aware and engaged as my host shows me around and delights me with treasures of His home.  

Doing everything for the glory of God
is the purpose that gives meaning to life.

A guest follows the lead of their host treating all with respect and not distracting others.  

A good guest does not think of themselves, but rather of how they can bless the host with their presence.  

A good guest is intentional and does not rush by the decorations but takes note of the meticulously hung paintings.  They smile as they hear the squeaky swings because squeaky swings means they have been well used.  

A good guest doesn’t scarf their tuna wrap while standing.  They sit down, engage in conversation, and proclaim their delight at the carefully prepared and healthy meal.

A good guest is fully present.  Even in the hustle and bustle of a home a good guest knows their purpose is not keeping a purse on their shoulder and wiping off lipstick stains – the purpose of a guest is to be present.



PC: Apt. 34

P.S. How can you be a better guest in life?

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