How To Live A Life You Love

Dear Self,

I know that sometimes you struggle to love life. Even though your life is the next best thing to perfect you still sometimes find yourself in agony for something I can’t even name.

First of all, know that you’re not alone. We all struggle to love life at times.

Secondly, I have a three part assignment for you:

Write down three things that make you feel significant or make your soul soar.
I wrote:

  1. mentoring others one on one
  2. working out and looking awesome
  3. being productive

Now, write down three things you can do to help you love your life (note your list).

Finally, do something about it right NOW!
This is what I did:

  1. Called a friend and mentor.
  2. Swam a mile and put make up on.  
  3. Set deadlines for my projects

When I did this assignment I was stunned by how simple the things were that made me feel most significant and brought the most joy to my life.

Traveling is nice. Dinning out isn’t bad either. But that’s not what’s always needed to start living the life that you’ll love. Sometimes, as in my case all it takes is being intentional about the few things that mean the world to me.

Be intentional about the few things that mean the world.

Chances are you’re standing in the life you’ve always thought would make you happy, you just haven’t stopped to take advantage of it…




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