What I learned from Packing One Carry-On Suitcase

Dear Self,

Packing one carry-on suitcase was a good idea!  It was such a great idea that I think you should take the same approach to your summer.  Now before you get all defensive let me clarify a few things.  I’m not suggesting that you create a capsule wardrobe.  I’m not encouraging you to go without.  And, I’m not trying to add another challenge or burden to your life.  Quite the opposite really, because these are all the benefits I have observed since have been in Florida with only one carry-on suitcase.

Stress & Space Saver
Because you only packed exactly what you needed you haven’t had to search for anything you need opr stress about the right decision.  You know what it is and where it is.  You spend less time on fixing yourself up because quite frankly half of your suitcase is usually full of all your bathroom, make-up, and hair stuff.  When you want to read all you have to do is choose what mood you’re in: self-development or leisure because that’s all you got.  You also don’t lose things because you only have absolutely what you need so you put it away.  Which lead to my next point.

Keeping your space/room tidy has been a cinch.   You have a drawer for tops and a drawer for bottoms and a drawer for everything else, such as books, charging cords, laptop, pens…  Even better you have a place for everything and know where everything goes because you don’t have any of those extra just-in-case-items.

Without all those extra just-in-case items you’ve had to be creative.  Creativity has included raiding your grandmother’s closet, being content with less jewelry and makeup, and putting together striking outfits with what you have.  Your bible journal serves as a multi purpose journal for to do lists and memories.  

Confining your creativity boundaries has helped you solidify your style.  All of the clothes that you packed were your favorite – everything about them, style, fits, feel, cut, color.  Even the pens, books, and lipstick you packed were exactly the things you knew you would LOVE using no matter what.

Being able to always use the things you love because it’s all you have and you know exactly where it is has allowed you to enjoy life more.  I know it sounds silly that you smile every time you use that inky pen with a gel grip, but it’s true, because I’ve been watching you.  You’re spending less time looking for things, deciding where to put things away, and choosing what to wear or read.  In exchange you’re spending more time doing the things you love with the things/people you love.  

All in all you feel free.  I know you freaked out when you decided to consolidate to only one mini-carry-on suitcase, but you have to admit you haven’t regretted a minute of it.  Your grandmother has loved seeing you in her clothes.  You have loved not having to think about so many cluttering details and being able to spend less time tidying and finding your stuff.  

Plan your summer the way you packed your suitcase.
Because you will have a more enjoyable summer
focused on what you love and
undistracted by decisions and cleaning-sessions.

In the end it’s the simple things that added up to giving you more time and more enjoyment in life.  That’s why I think you plan your summer the way you packed your suitcase.  Not because you’re messy, but because I think you have a more enjoyable and less stressful summer being able to focus on what you love undistracted by keeping your rooms tidy, choosing between four books, and searching for your favorite pen.



PC: Jessica Stein

P.S. So, are you going to take the single carry-on suitcase summer challenge?

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  1. I loved this! It’s especially relevant as I’m looking forward to summer, and also have several trips coming up.

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