What No One Ever Told You About A Mountain Top Expereience

Dear Self,

Have you ever heard of the mountain top experience?  Like a camp high; you’re on a mountain top and everything is amazing but you can’t stay there forever because there isn’t enough water, food, or oxygen.  At the end of camp you have to go home down into the valley.   Often it’s discouraging and a drag, but your coaches tell you not to be discouraged.

What they never told me about a mountain top experience is:
the descent can be just as glorious as the view.

After hearing this “advice” several times and becoming very frustrated the Lord gave me a different perspective of the “mountain top experience”…

When you’re on the top of the mountain it’s amazing.  Your gaze extends for miles.  Its here on top of the mountain you have perspective.  Take a picture.  Remember where the babbling brooks are, the forests, the cabins for shelter, and the fields are.  As you begin your descent let your speed increase.  Now you have momentum.

One of my favorite quotes is, “God’s Kid: loved by God; hated by Satan.”  When you’re on the mountain you are fully aware of God’s love.  Its here you know that God has given you everything you need for life and godliness.  Not only that, but you are confident that He is working everything out for your good and has been since the beginning of time.  He didn’t start making the dice fall just right when you were born, He’s been orchestrating the chords a creation for your good before Noah built the ark.

This is another part of the perspective you must remember, because as you descend and pick up momentum Satan is getting out his BIG guns to stop you.  It’s important to remember that although Satan wants to defeat you, he’s quite content with disarming you or disabling you.  You can’t let him have even the smallest victory.  Remember the snapshot of perspective you got on the mountain and do not let Satan impede your momentum.



P.S. I’ve been reflecting a lot on my time at JHRanch as staff the summer of 2014.  It was without a doubt the hardest summer of my life, but not without reward.  This is a rambling from those four months.

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