How I’m slowing Down my Hamster Wheel Life

Dear Self,

I feel like I’m in a hamster wheel.  It doesn’t matter how many times I rework my schedule, the wheel just goes faster.

As you’re reading this I’ll be putting on my creative/coordinator hat collecting everything I could possibly need for a ball.  Thursday I’ll pick strawberries with my family.  Friday, I’ll work and go to a women’s conference.  Saturday I’ll decorate and host that ball for 175 youth. Finally, Sunday will launch me into four straight weeks of traveling, decorating, doing make-up, brides-maiding, cooking, and maid-of-honoring.

It’s like a dream that doesn’t get fuzzy.  It just gets clearer and clearer, faster and faster, better and better.

I’m not complaining.  Honestly, I can’t wait.  I’m counting down that moments!  But when I updated my planner Monday morning I had to be real.  Being real meant being honest with myself and you.  I’m not super woman.  And I don’t want to be maid-of-honor-zilla.

Truth is, I re-read those last two blog posts I wrote and I realized that I was talking to myself.  You see, I can’t love the people in my home, and travel the world, and serve my friends, and blog three times a week.  If I truly want to value you and all the commitments I’ve made to the people I love I can only blog once a week.

But don’t worry, because I’m committing to only blog once a week I’m committing to providing you with powerful and vulnerable content.  Content that will change your life, because before I share it with you it changed mine!

I hate feeling like I’m in a hamster wheel.  I can never go fast enough.  But I’m learning that the only way to slow it down is to I have the right priorities.  So I’m choosing to make my family and brides-to-be-friends my priority.  I’m laying down my panic to prove myself.  I’m daring to listen to my own advice and I’m choosing to put people over projects.



P.S. What do you need to stop doing or do less of to slow down your hamster wheel?

PC: Samantha Roose

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