The Struggle is Real

Dear Self,

The real feat wasn’t running 13.1 miles. The feat was the last 8 years leading up to this race. The time you dared to go on a second run even though you couldn’t make it once around the track on your first run. All the times you ran when you didn’t want to, rested intentionally, and every single time you ignored the thoughts that told you that you couldn’t.

Take the medal, the applause, and the photos but know that they are just the tip of the iceberg. There are thousands breakthroughs below the surface that will never be seen or forgotten.

There is no real success without real struggle.

So if you feel like walking or just throwing in the towel, don’t. Please don’t. Because there is no victory without a fight. There is no mountain top view without a climb. And there is no hero without a sacrifice.

The struggle is not indication of going wrong, the struggle is indication of going well. There is no success without a struggle and no feat without fear.




P.S. What is a struggle you have overcome?

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