Today is All I Have

Dear Self,

Today is all I have.

I’m learning that life – a beautiful, powerful life – is a choice. It’s a choice that takes work and sacrifice. But more than that it’s a choice to see the beauty and power of simply being alive.

Truly there is nothing better or more powerful than today because today is all I really have. I can remember yesterday. And I can anticipate tomorrow. But I can live today.

It is today that I get to choose my emotions, words, and actions. It is today that I get to see the sun rise and lightning bugs glow.

Today is POWERFUL because it is here and it is mine. Today is BEAUTIFUL because it is a gift and it will be gone.

Today is always replaced by another today. There are no do-overs but there are second chances. While I can despair over yesterday and dream over tomorrow today is the only day I live.

Thus I choose make all I have a beautiful powerful TODAY.


P.S. This is the day thenLord has made, therefore I will live it with gladly.

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