What Washing Dishes Taught Me About Valuing People

Dear Self,

Do you know when washing dishes becomes delightful?

When you’re doing it next to your little brother and having a conversation together. That’s when washing dishes becomes delightful. You could have, of course, rushed through your sink of pots and pans completely ignoring that your brother was next to you. But you didn’t. And the moment you slowed down enough to value people over your projects, washing dishes became delightful.

Valuing people, including your siblings, is important for yourself and others. Personally, it allows you to have friendships and impact beyond yourself – it adds value to yourself. Secondly, when you value others, they feel important, worth something, and special.

Whenever someone looks me in the eye, uses my name, or ask me about myself I feel special. I feel like I’m interesting. Oddly enough, that feeling stays with me for hours, sometimes days. No one bought me a car or gave me dark chocolate from Trader Joes, they just valued me and that makes me want to value me, too.

When someone values me I want to value me, too.

When we value others, a natural response is for them to value themselves. If for not other reason, I think we should value others. It’s nice to have friends, but valuing someone goes beyond creating a network for your business or finding a jogging buddy. It’s soul-deep and often silent. In inaudible tones it echoes, “You are worth my time. Therefore, you have meaning that this world should not go without. You are important.”

As you wrung out the sponge it wasn’t the suds or stacks of dishes on the drying rack that made your chore delightful, it was that your brother valued your presence and you valued his. When you valued each other’s presence over your chore you silently communicated, “You are special.”



P.S. Communicating that you value people over projects is simple, but it requires you you be intentional and disciplined. I know your life is a blur of projects – important ones I’m sure – so, in the next letter I’m going to share my favorite tips of valuing people over projects.

PC: Deborah Dewitt

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  1. Once again you speak into my life where God was trying to teach me. Thank you for being used by Him to exhort and encourage me.

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